Zero Waste Lifestyle can reduce stress ?

Zero Waste Lifestyle can reduce stress ?


I created this blog a couple of months ago in order to share with you my stress-free lifestyle journey.  And to try to give a hand to those who are in urgent need. Since then I’ve been searching for solutions to simplify my daily life. I came across many lifestyles but it was Zero Waste Lifestyle that really captured my attention besides Minimalist Lifestyle. I perfectly understood that living a simple life is a stress-free life. Let me underline here that I do not like become an extremist in any kind of thoughts. Let me underline here that I do not like become a members of any kind of extremist movement. However, I prefer to take the opportunity to improve my life for good.

It’s about five months that I have been experiencing Zero Waste Lifestyle in moderation.  I found out that Zero Waste Lifestyle actually helps to reduce stress. Having learnt from various previous experiences, there is no doubt that I have to think as a whole my body and my spirit if I want to reduce stress. Then why not to refuse to use all synthetic made, plastic wrapped products which draw body stressful ? I started gradually replacing my personal care products  with natural ones. Instead of insisting to explain how horrible to use plastic and chemicals, I will explain you how Zero Waste Lifestyle reduces stress in my life. Most of chemical ingredients might cause irritation, pain, allergies or intolerances which is a reason to stress my body. It’s simple to understand; if you suffer physically then you’re going to suffer psychologically  too.

Here’s what I did to transform and keep simple the “hygienic” part of my  life :

I switched my electric toothbrush with a bamboo one, and my chemical toothpaste with a homemade one.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

I stopped buying shower gel, synthetic shower sponges, brushes and plastic razors – even though I don’t really use it at all time “Lucky me!”- but it’s handy.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

And yes, I do not buy shampoo anymore. I do even use the same soap both for my body and my hair. However, you need to be careful here ! I am not saying that all handmade soaps are good to use for hair. I have tried before different type of soaps for my hair but the results weren’t brilliant. Finally, I got the soap which you see in the picture in a local farmer market from Turkey. It is made by an old lady who doesn’t even know what”chemical” means. You got the point ! The funny and cute thing about this soap you can see really some tiny pieces of olive in. It’s not really bubbling while I wash my hair with. However, my hair is softer than ever before and it feels clean, too. Did you spot wooden hair brushes ? I bought them from an online shop.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

The same principe as above for my facial care routine. The soap is from Scotland and it is made from Scottish wool butter. Have you ever heard about “wool butter” before ?  For my hands – daily washing – I use lavender soap that I bought from Turkey as well.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

I use castor oil and aloe vera to hydrate my face and body. I buy only glass packaged products. However, in my opinion, living 100% Zero Waste is not possible. Did you spot those plastic droppers ?  When it comes to lips I use simple vaseline which comes in a can.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Last but not least, I try to make refill my perfume bottle. To be honest, I have tried to make my own perfume at home but it wasn’t a good idea at all.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Since I have bought most of all those products without fancy packaging I find out that I started to :

– use chemical-free and good quality products,

–  save more money,

–  feel less guilty about my negative impacts on the environment,

–  get less dermatological problem with my skin which improves my “self-confidence”,

–  live simple and peaceful – to be honest I still don’t understand why it makes me feel so good -.

Zero Waste Lifestyle made me discover  Holistic Lifestyle as well.  However, I am going to share my experiences about it for the next time.

What about you ?  Would like to make your life less stressful ? Do you want to try a lifestyle but you don’t have enough motivation ?  Do you need some inspiration or just need to be encouraged ?  OR, simply, you need to be listened ?  If so, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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