Cancer or Stress : which one is potentially more harmful ?

Cancer or Stress : which one is potentially more harmful ?

cancer and stress management Stress or Cancer : which one is potentially more harmful ?

Cancer is a major disease and cause of death throughout world which makes itself one of the most popular health topics. It can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells.

There is a lot of research is going on to know more about because it is an extremely serious health issue of our century. When you Google you find statistics about it such as mortality, new cases, annual economic cost, … in the worldwide.

Have you ever ask yourself if you have a risk of being cancer ? Probably you did or you will at some point in your life. But, on the other hand, have you ever ask yourself if you are stressed-out and even wonder about the harms of stress and statistics about ?

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Stress: what exactly is it ?

Stress: what exactly is it ?

I got some questions from you about stress and I am going to answer them as possible as I can.  Before starting I’d like to underline that all your personal information is kept strictly confidential which means all the questions are anonymous. Your name and the purpose of your e-mail will never be disclosed; you are in safe hands. And, please keep in mind that all the answers come from my personal experience.  That’s why those information cannot be used for medical purposes. Let’s get started by answering some basics questions.

stress management strategies

“What is actually it ?”

Stress is the wear and tear our bodies experience. You find yourself in a situation where you feel stuck in a job or position, you feel tired all of the time and even simple tasks seem exhausting, you feel have never enough time for yourself… It disrupts nearly every system in your body such as your immune system, your digestive system and you also suffer from insomnia …. Personally, insomnia used to be the major problem for me. There were no sweet dreams even nightmares. Should I need to mention about my digestive system ?

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Have your own illustration by doing a small favor ?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own illustration by doing a small favor ?

Illustration of yourself sounds cool right?  Well, I will tell you how to get your own illustration by doing a small favor. But, first i am going to talk about a superhero. A superhero who uses her power to make a difference for good…


Her story began 2 years ago as a superhero. Since she has a talent to illustrate anyone, one day, one of her colleagues  asked her if she could draw a portrait for cash.

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How to cope with loss and grief?

Loss and grief we need to cope with…

cope loss grief

I was 6 when i lost my parents. Indeed, they weren’t dead but since they were divorced i ended up going down beceuse i was taken to an orphanage. I have been missing so much my parents but i was terribly missing my grandmother. She was more than a grandmother for me.

Time was difficult in orphanage. I started to wet my bed, cry every day -even all day -and night because loosing someone is stressful.  However, i was hoping that perhaps someone could come to take me home but it never happened.  There were pain, memories and unanswered questions, … I even felt that i’ll never be the same – that i’ll never laugh or be whole again-.  My sorrow was so great that i thought i would die but it never happened too.

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Diet for a stress free life

Diet can reduce the physical symptoms of stress?  

Stress is a part of life and affects us not only emotionaly but also physicaly

Indeed, no part of  our body is immune. However, because everyone handles stress differently, symptoms can vary.

I have been struggling with some of physical symptoms of stress such as low energy, headaches, including constipation, insomnia,…

While i was looking for  a solution i’ve recognized that those physical symptoms may turn out to be a strength. All i had to do was improve my diet and boost my energy by juicing. That’s why i gave juicing a try !


I realized that drinking fresh vegetable juice is a shock to my body in a good way! Ever since, the “juicing” is a part of my diet i observed significant changes in my body. That means that the juicing became my stressegy to reduce the physical symptoms of stress.

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travelling stress free

Summer destination is looked for ?

Summer destination… The time that we want to find the best spot to escape. waves, sand, palm trees and fresh air or or just a little space to to put ourselves together. 

Sometimes, all we need a little space to escape from our daily routine. 

But… When ?  For me the best time is when  the city is getting smaller then usual which means there’s no specific date.  Where ?  Anywhere in the world.

Recently i was in Sardinia Island/Italy where i spent ten days in nature. Since the summer is around the corner Sardinia Islan it might be a wonderful destination.

If you are looking for best spot for your summer destination that place is recommended.

summer destination

I booked a vintage campervan, got my backpack-which is quite small-, camera, tripod  and nothing more. I promised myself to be in the moment while i was exploring that destination.

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