Scotland road trip

Scotland road trip

Scotland, Scotland… Such a beautiful country ! Let me tell you how amazed I was while I was driving along a country road. With its rainbow spectrum of colours, Scotland represents the heaven in the earth.

Warning : If you’re looking for some turistic information about Scotland than you’re not in the right place ! Because this blog is not a tourist guide. I am going to share with you simply the key to pleasure.  The reason why I share my journeys with you is to help you to relieve your stress while you travel.

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travelling stress free

Summer destination is looked for ?

Summer destination… The time that we want to find the best spot to escape. waves, sand, palm trees and fresh air or or just a little space to to put ourselves together. 

Sometimes, all we need a little space to escape from our daily routine. 

But… When ?  For me the best time is when  the city is getting smaller then usual which means there’s no specific date.  Where ?  Anywhere in the world.

Recently i was in Sardinia Island/Italy where i spent ten days in nature. Since the summer is around the corner Sardinia Islan it might be a wonderful destination.

If you are looking for best spot for your summer destination that place is recommended.

summer destination

I booked a vintage campervan, got my backpack-which is quite small-, camera, tripod  and nothing more. I promised myself to be in the moment while i was exploring that destination.

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