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Summer destination is looked for ?

Summer destination… The time that we want to find the best spot to escape. waves, sand, palm trees and fresh air or or just a little space to to put ourselves together. 

Sometimes, all we need a little space to escape from our daily routine. 

But… When ?  For me the best time is when  the city is getting smaller then usual which means there’s no specific date.  Where ?  Anywhere in the world.

Recently i was in Sardinia Island/Italy where i spent ten days in nature. Since the summer is around the corner Sardinia Islan it might be a wonderful destination.

If you are looking for best spot for your summer destination that place is recommended.

summer destination

I booked a vintage campervan, got my backpack-which is quite small-, camera, tripod  and nothing more. I promised myself to be in the moment while i was exploring that destination.

And for the first time in my life I :

summer destination

– swimmed naked (and nope, there’s no naked photo in this post) and i did not take a shower with soft water during  my vacation.

summer destination

– enjoyed  around the campfire in the evenings without listening music or reading a book.

summer destination

– danced with a simple music and the wind.

summer destination

– screamed some nonsense words in the all accessible beaches and bays.

summer destination

– watched the sunset until it had disappeared entirely.

summer destination

– made a beautiful flower crown without knowing that actually i am  allergic to daisies. (See the little dots on my face ?)

Besides those, i tried to learn practicing the basic yoga,  to swim in the cold water ( 14 degree) and not to wear makeup or skin care products in order to reset my skin.

My stressegy is for any kind of vacation is keeping everyting as simple as possible, being at the present moment and trying to experience new things.

After my Sardinia Island vacation i find out that i sleep better and feel lighter.

Wthat would be the best stressegy for your summer destination? Would you like to discover it ? If you do, please  leave me a message via SKYPE, i’d be glad to answer you !

Click for more photos of my Sardinia Island vacation.

“Happy Mandolin” from YouTube Audio Library by Media Right Productions.

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