Stress: what exactly is it ?

Stress: what exactly is it ?

I got some questions from you about stress and I am going to answer them as possible as I can.  Before starting I’d like to underline that all your personal information is kept strictly confidential which means all the questions are anonymous. Your name and the purpose of your e-mail will never be disclosed; you are in safe hands. And, please keep in mind that all the answers come from my personal experience.  That’s why those information cannot be used for medical purposes. Let’s get started by answering some basics questions.

stress management strategies

“What is actually it ?”

Stress is the wear and tear our bodies experience. You find yourself in a situation where you feel stuck in a job or position, you feel tired all of the time and even simple tasks seem exhausting, you feel have never enough time for yourself… It disrupts nearly every system in your body such as your immune system, your digestive system and you also suffer from insomnia …. Personally, insomnia used to be the major problem for me. There were no sweet dreams even nightmares. Should I need to mention about my digestive system ?



stress management strategies


“Are there different types and levels of  ?”

Yes, there are. Not all stress is bad. How do I tell you the difference between good and bad stress ?

According to me, simply, good one motivates to focus whatever you are working on at that time. However, the bad one makes you feel overwhelmed and you can not concentrate on anything.




stress management strategies

“What is optimal stress for me ?” 

To be honest, I do not have any answer for this question. First of all we are all individual creatures with unique requirements.  I certainly need to know more about you in order to answer this question. For that reason the purpose of my blog is to create a tailor-made strategy by collaborating with you in order to help you to learn how to handle stress more effectively. On the other hand, however, if you are experiencing some symptoms more than three weeks, I can tell that you have gone beyond your optimal stress level.



stress management strategies“Is it only a state of mind ?”

In my opinion, yes it is.  The good news is that stress is far from being a fatality.  Nevertheless, there are people who can handle it better than others because of reason that I mentioned above “we are all individual creatures with unique requirements”.  All you need to do is work on your perspective of both current and expected future situations. So, would you like to find out how to work on ?  If so, feel free to contact me. You might wonder why I do this. I would be glad to help you ! For the answer please click here.Hey, you can even start now to create your own stressegy. Please, click here.

“Retreat” from YouTube Audio Library by Jason Farnham.

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