Scotland road trip

Scotland road trip

Scotland, Scotland… Such a beautiful country ! Let me tell you how amazed I was while I was driving along a country road. With its rainbow spectrum of colours, Scotland represents the heaven in the earth.

Warning : If you’re looking for some turistic information about Scotland than you’re not in the right place ! Because this blog is not a tourist guide. I am going to share with you simply the key to pleasure.  The reason why I share my journeys with you is to help you to relieve your stress while you travel.

When it comes to summer vacation the majority of us think about the sun, beaches with white sands and a tasty, fresh cocktail.  Of course there is nothing wrong with. However, as me I love to discover every single climate in the earth. That’s why this summer I chose to drive my campervan (Actually I rent campervans in different countries) to Scotland in order to taste a good quality whisky and to feel the smell of raindrops.

Have you ever tried a cup of hot chocolate with a few drops of smoked Scottish whisky to warm up yourself ? If you haven’t yet the recipe will be here soon but first keep reading. (Actually a kind gentleman told me how to drink the whisky like a real Scottish : whisky with more whisky but I wasn’t ready for).

Have you ever took a shower in a river while it rains ? Once upon a time when I was a little kid, my beautiful grandmother used to take me to the river in our little village. She used to wash me in the river after my play time. I did excatly the same thing when jumped into the river. First I played in the river by ignoring how cold it was. And then, I grabbed a simple solid soap (Of course an eco friendly one) and washed myself. It was an amazing and emotional moment for me ! I almost felt my grandmother near to me.  Simply I travelled in the time. But the hands which were touching my shoulders weren’t hers… Good memories might be a perfect stress reliever. We need try to remember them often… We should try to live them again and again…

Have you ever read a story that took place in another universe ? If you haven’t yet I suggest you to skip to read something about. Just go and live it ! All you need to do is just to use your five senses to live it and nothing more. The landscapes, the raindrops, the smell of flowers and green grass which fills the air, the taste of traditional foods and the the sounds of silence.

Have you ever met with a Scottish ?  It might be too generalized but I found them extremely kind during my road trip. They have a difficult accent to understand (I mean I don’t speak English very well ) but their friendly and happy attitude is remarkable. I highly recommend you to meet local people while you travel in Scotland. You may find a sympathetic ear which is a great stress reliever. Or simply contact me if you need to be listened. I’d be glad to listen you!

“Eagle Rock” from YouTube Audio Library by Wes Hutchinson. Genre: Country & Folk.

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