Pet needs a stress free life ?

A pet needs a stress free life. That is true.

That’s true. When thinking of ways to reduce stress in life, some of us think about owning a pet. This is a  great technique, to be sure.  They do provide excellent social support and  unconditional love, improve your mood, stave off loneliness , reduce stress yet they are a good listener.

But have you ever think about your little friend ?  Does he/she feel stressed time to time ?

Even though having a pet is pure happiness, it’s a big responsibility and sometimes it might be stressing. To me, just feeding them, cleaning their litter, taking them to vet or loving them is not enough.


I have been thinking about my cats’ psychology since i moved from New Caledonia to France. They hand to leave a wonderful climate and a huge garden where they used to enjoy in nature, they had to change their daily habits such as hunting, climbing up the coconut palms, doing their business anywhere outside,…

Now, they have to live in a typical, authentic and small parisian apartment. They can not go out because i do not have even a small garden or balcony. It is stressful for a pet. petp

I  was so upset about that and had to figure out a way to make feel them better.

I started to observe my cats for a while and i found out that they like to smell the soil in the flowerpots and look outside from windows.  Then, i recognized that i found what i was looking for!  A mini window garden!


First, i planted some grass, wildflower and of course daisy seeds in a wide flowerpot.


Then, i bought a natural solid wood bench  and placed it right in front of the window.


Last but not least, i decorate the bench with some dried orange slices, pomegranates and lavenders that i have prepared before.


They seem like their mini window garden especially when it is hot outside.


To keep fresh enough their mini garden i replace grass and flowers with the new grass and flower seeds when it is necessary.

In those pictures you see the replaced one -just four days back- . Isn’t it amazing how they grow fast?

One of my  stressegy  to create a stressfree life for my pets is bringing  nature to my home which is a simple and  amazing   stressegy  for.

What would be the best  stressegy  for your pet?  Would you like to find out? If so, please  leave me a message via SKYPE i’d be glad to help you !

“If I Had a Chicken” from YouTube Audio Library by Kevin MacLeod

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