Clean eating and self-respect 

Clean eating and self-respect

To me, self-respect is a vital aspect of relieving stress. Because unhealthy eating habits might tempt me away from respecting myself due to not feeling good in my body. Let’s be clear here : I am not talking about being overweight or obese. Basically, I need to keep my body physically strong to reduce stress and to improve my energy. Here’s how i maintain my body stress-free with clean eating diet.
clean eating


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How to cope with loss and grief?

Loss and grief we need to cope with…

cope loss grief

I was 6 when i lost my parents. Indeed, they weren’t dead but since they were divorced i ended up going down beceuse i was taken to an orphanage. I have been missing so much my parents but i was terribly missing my grandmother. She was more than a grandmother for me.

Time was difficult in orphanage. I started to wet my bed, cry every day -even all day -and night because loosing someone is stressful.  However, i was hoping that perhaps someone could come to take me home but it never happened.  There were pain, memories and unanswered questions, … I even felt that i’ll never be the same – that i’ll never laugh or be whole again-.  My sorrow was so great that i thought i would die but it never happened too.

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Pet needs a stress free life ?

A pet needs a stress free life. That is true.

That’s true. When thinking of ways to reduce stress in life, some of us think about owning a pet. This is a  great technique, to be sure.  They do provide excellent social support and  unconditional love, improve your mood, stave off loneliness , reduce stress yet they are a good listener.

But have you ever think about your little friend ?  Does he/she feel stressed time to time ?

Even though having a pet is pure happiness, it’s a big responsibility and sometimes it might be stressing. To me, just feeding them, cleaning their litter, taking them to vet or loving them is not enough.


I have been thinking about my cats’ psychology since i moved from New Caledonia to France. They hand to leave a wonderful climate and a huge garden where they used to enjoy in nature, they had to change their daily habits such as hunting, climbing up the coconut palms, doing their business anywhere outside,…

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Diet for a stress free life

Diet can reduce the physical symptoms of stress?  

Stress is a part of life and affects us not only emotionaly but also physicaly

Indeed, no part of  our body is immune. However, because everyone handles stress differently, symptoms can vary.

I have been struggling with some of physical symptoms of stress such as low energy, headaches, including constipation, insomnia,…

While i was looking for  a solution i’ve recognized that those physical symptoms may turn out to be a strength. All i had to do was improve my diet and boost my energy by juicing. That’s why i gave juicing a try !


I realized that drinking fresh vegetable juice is a shock to my body in a good way! Ever since, the “juicing” is a part of my diet i observed significant changes in my body. That means that the juicing became my stressegy to reduce the physical symptoms of stress.

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travelling stress free

Summer destination is looked for ?

Summer destination… The time that we want to find the best spot to escape. waves, sand, palm trees and fresh air or or just a little space to to put ourselves together. 

Sometimes, all we need a little space to escape from our daily routine. 

But… When ?  For me the best time is when  the city is getting smaller then usual which means there’s no specific date.  Where ?  Anywhere in the world.

Recently i was in Sardinia Island/Italy where i spent ten days in nature. Since the summer is around the corner Sardinia Islan it might be a wonderful destination.

If you are looking for best spot for your summer destination that place is recommended.

summer destination

I booked a vintage campervan, got my backpack-which is quite small-, camera, tripod  and nothing more. I promised myself to be in the moment while i was exploring that destination.

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