Comfort zone : you need to get out of !

Comfort zone : you need to get out of !

Comfort zone

They say that “You know what you’re losing, but not what you’re gaining” which used to be a perfect expression to describe my attitude when I was at the end of or at the beginning of something.

I was not a risk taker and I never used to be willing to try new things because it was a mental torture to me.  I was folding my arms in the face of drawing myself out of my comfort zone and getting myself involved in change and continuous life learning.  However, i was desperately hoping that my life would magically change.  It sounds familiar, does it not?

And guess what?  Nothing changed until I stopped looking for an alibi or a scapegoat for my dilemma.  I understood that change is always stressful and innovation a challenge. There was no point in trying to bury my  head in the sand and deny the fact that the future always be  unpredictable.  I realized that nothing is going to change if I do nothing . So I was putting myself at higher risk of being stuck in my own little world by staying in my comfort zone.

Comfort zone

So, I allowed myself  to get out of my comfort zone and take responsibility for my life. I saw that  results come of my actions. I did learn this in that way too.

“You know what you’re losing, but not what you’re gaining”.  Seriously?  Who does know about you, your potential or your future? I now understand how little that expression means in life. To me that expression is completely wrong. Because it is an assuring attitude and a conclusive conclusion. It is time to wake up to reality and to get out of your comfort zone. It is natural to have some experience that is going to come with some ups and downs.

Comfort zone

Here’s what i did to cope with :

I stopped worrying about invisibility of future.  The tiles of the future were already there.

I took action to be who I wanted to be and to get what I wanted to have. For real progress, all actions that I took was in harmony with my mind.

I trusted my instincts. My instincts to survive…  We got this heritage from our ancestors, right?  Why not use it intelligently for good?

Above all, I trusted myself that I could keep paddling hard until the end.

Comfort zone

Now you are asking me how to do?

To begin to answer those questions, we certainly need to answers even more basic questions: “What do you want to do ?” or  “What restrains you ?”…

First of all, our individual experiences are  personal and varied. For that reason, you probably  would find yourself  less related to the generalizations even if I could tell you how I did step by step. Hence, you need a tailor-made plan. So, please  take another minute or two to leave me a message.  I’d be glad to help you !

Comfort zone


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