Cancer or Stress : which one is potentially more harmful ?

Cancer or Stress : which one is potentially more harmful ?

cancer and stress management Stress or Cancer : which one is potentially more harmful ?

Cancer is a major disease and cause of death throughout world which makes itself one of the most popular health topics. It can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells.

There is a lot of research is going on to know more about because it is an extremely serious health issue of our century. When you Google you find statistics about it such as mortality, new cases, annual economic cost, … in the worldwide.

Have you ever ask yourself if you have a risk of being cancer ? Probably you did or you will at some point in your life. But, on the other hand, have you ever ask yourself if you are stressed-out and even wonder about the harms of stress and statistics about ? Let me tell you something very important about : absence of symptoms does not mean the absence of stress. The most importantly stress is everywhere and the source of stress might be your work or your current professional situation,your family responsibilities, natural disasters, your sexual orientation, your personal health concerns, money, …  You don’t need a malignant tumor to understand how stress can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention.

What is the point here ? Well, I am trying to tell you that your mental health is as important as your physical health. Stress does not have any cell however, it has symptoms like any other disease.  As known early diagnosis at the earliest stages of cancer is crucial to have the best chance of survival. Similarly, the early diagnosis of stress is vital to cope with it. Otherwise, you may face the risk of burn-out, depression, insomnia, anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD even suicide.

Hey, this is a wake up call for you ! Take the responsibility of your life !  Get back your life ! Your physique and your psychology compose your existence. Therefore, you have to take care of them equally.

“Darkest Child” from YouTube Audio Library by Kevin MacLeod.

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