Quick stressegies to socialize

How to socialize via social media ?



Socializing is probably one of the most important aspects in my life. If you’re reading this then it may mean the same to you. If so, let’s do a little exercise:

Now just take one or two minutes to think about the person who you would like to be one of him/her friends. Nobody can judge you. Everybody has different type of. Just take your time and think about.

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Have your own illustration by doing a small favor ?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own illustration by doing a small favor ?

Illustration of yourself sounds cool right?  Well, I will tell you how to get your own illustration by doing a small favor. But, first i am going to talk about a superhero. A superhero who uses her power to make a difference for good…


Her story began 2 years ago as a superhero. Since she has a talent to illustrate anyone, one day, one of her colleagues  asked her if she could draw a portrait for cash.

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